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We design, supply and install large-size steel tanks above ground for storing fire, drinking and hot water supplies. Our offer also includes fire pumps and fire pump sets.

Miltom offer

Our offer includes a wide selection of steel tanks as a source of water supply for fire protection systems, sprinkler systems and hydrant systems. We also design and build steel tanks, above ground, for drinking and hot water, guaranteeing the securing of water supply in plumbing installations or protecting against temporary water shortages in agricultural production or gardening. We build modular steel tanks with an EPDM membrane, made of galvanized corrugated steel, intended for irrigation of crops. We work with state and private institutions from the fire protection industry to the widely understood agricultural industry.
We offer a wide selection of fire pumps. and a series of sets of technological water pumping stations with a wide performance range. The sets are selected by our specialists after consulting the client and learning about his needs.

Our offer

zbiorniki stalowe, budowa kask ochronny

Fire tanks

Steel tanks, bolted, above ground, with EPDM or PVC membrane, galvanized or painted, in accordance with: FM, NFPA, VDS, PNEN


Hot water tanks

Ground steel tanks, bolted, galvanized. EPDM membrane sealed, external insulated, with trapezoidal sheet metal facade. Roof construction Miltom.


Potable water tanks

Tanks galvanized, inox, powder coated. Sealed with a membrane or polymer mass. Conical or laminated roof. PZH certificate for the entire tank.


Fire Pumps

SPP pump sets for sprinkler and hydrant installations. Unistream and Thrustream pumps compliant with CNBOP, FM, UL, NFPA.


Fire-fighting pumping stations

Construction, service and inspections.

Warranty protection

Miltom guarantee

Each existing steel fire protection tank or fire protection installation – both built by us and other manufacturers – we can cover our warranty and service care. We accomplish this by providing customers with the opportunity to purchase the warranty protection package we offer . The basis for issuing such a guarantee to you is before we sign the contract, technical inspection of the tank or device.

Warranty for installations made

Each product offered to you is covered by a guarantee. Extensive warranty packages are a confirmation of our care for the correct performance and functioning of our implementations, but also our policy aimed at providing our customers with a high level of comfort and safety, associated with trust in the quality of our devices and services. We can guarantee their reliability for many years.

do you need support

Our specialists will answer all your questions related to steel water tanks. If you want to know the details of our offer, would you like to know the scope of our repair or maintenance services?

and standards

  • PN-EN 12845 Fixed firefighting systems – Automatic sprinkler systems – Design, installation and maintenance.
  • VdS-CEA 4001 Sprinkleranlagen. Planung und Einbau.
  • NFPA 22 Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection
  • FM Data Sheets 3-2 Water Tanks For Fire Protection
zbiorniki stalowe naziemne standard FM

FM Approvals

Approval Standard for Steel Tanks for Fire Protection

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the tank leaking?
Why is the tank leaking?
We didn’t do anything with him?

Unfortunately, it often happens that the tanks are left alone for many years and only a leak or other failure attracts the attention of the facility manager. Tanks should be regularly inspected and their technical condition monitored. This will significantly extend their lifetime.

Tank washing after 3 years of use.
Can a DRON-VID drone inspection replace the first tank washing after 3 years of use?

No. An extended inspection after 3 years is necessary to carry out activities in accordance with the instructions and guidelines of the warranty card. It is necessary to drain the water and clean the inside of the tank, and then you can perform inspections using DRON-VID. A clean tank is a sealed and functional tank, and your installation is safe.

Facility training.

Is it possible to train the facility staff after the service or review is completed?

Of course, we are always ready to help because we like to share knowledge and experience with our partners.


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Other manufacturers' tanks.

If we have a tank from another manufacturer and we do not like their warranty system or if they do not have it, can Miltom become a guarantor?

There is such a possibility. We will inspect such a tank and offer you a convenient solution.

Inspections and warranty

Are annual, 3-year and 5-year reviews required to maintain warranty coverage?

Of course yes. When granting a warranty, we must be aware of how the tank is used and in its technical condition. An authorized Miltom service is at your disposal.

Warranty extension.

After 5 years, can the warranty be extended for another year?

Yes. Please contact us and we will present an offer of post-warranty inspections.

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We’re second to none in water tanks construction. Our company is made up of a team of people who have been operating on the market for 25 years. Our mission is to be an active and constructive advisor, committed to the long-term success of our clients.


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