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Fire pumping stations

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer a series of sets of automatic fire-fighting pumping stations of various capacities. The parameters of the devices are selected on the basis of the requirements received from the customer, ensuring a close match to the design needs of each set we design.

Fire-fighting pumping stations


Miltom specializes in the design, assembly and service of water pumping stations for fire-fighting purposes, including for supplying sprinkler, sprinkler, foam and hydrant installations. Our pumping stations are designed taking into account the generally applicable law, design standards, requirements of equipment manufacturers and insurers as well as optional customer expectations.


When designing fire pumps, it is extremely important to choose the right elements that will meet the requirements set for the set. For basic equipment of fire-fighting pumping stations installed by us belong:



  • panel housing
  • or

  • modular


  • Main
  • reserve
  • maintaining a constant pressure jockey

Internal steel wires

  • suction
  • pressure
  • test
  • feeding
  • cooling system


  • shut-off
  • regulatory
  • measurement


  • lighting
  • heating
  • gravitational and mechanical ventilation

Power supply and control cabinet

to which external electric power is connected

Ekipa serwisowa miltom


We are the recommended service for SPP Pumps. We specialize in:

  • assembly,
  • operate
  • first launches,
  • servicing
  • general repairs of SPP pumps.

We carry out repairs both on site - at the customer's and in our company workshop. We use original parts.


Our specialists will answer all your questions. Do you want to know the details of our offer, would you like to know the scope of our repair or service work?

Norms and standards

  • PN-EN 12845 Fixed fire-fighting equipment – Automatic sprinkler systems – Design, installation and maintenance.
  • VdS-CEA 4001 Sprinkleranlagen. Planung und Einbau.
  • NFPA 20
  • FM Data Sheets 3-2 Water Tanks For Fire Protection
  • National Certificate of Constancy of Performance No. 063-UWB-0107
  • National Certificate of Constancy of Performance No. 063-UWB-0108
  • UL certificate

FM Approvals

Approval Standard for Steel Tanks for Fire Protection


Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection


Sprinkleranlagen. Planung und Einbau


We have a positive opinion of CNBOP

Warranty protection

Miltom guarantee

Each existing steel fire protection tank or fire protection installation - both built by us and other manufacturers - we can cover our warranty and service care. We accomplish this by providing customers with the opportunity to purchase the warranty protection package we offer . The basis for issuing such a guarantee to you is before we sign the contract, technical inspection of the tank or device.

Warranty for installations made

Each product offered to you is covered by a guarantee. Extensive warranty packages are a confirmation of our care for the correct performance and functioning of our implementations, but also our policy aimed at providing our customers with a high level of comfort and safety, associated with trust in the quality of our devices and services. We can guarantee their reliability for many years.

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