Service of fire tanks

Specialized fire protection tank service requires professionalism and extensive experience that our company can boast of. We service tanks with EPDM sealing membranes, PVC and tanks sealed with mastic system, e.g. Sika or Saba without internal membranes. We provide comprehensive maintenance services in Poland and abroad.


Fire tanks

Facilities such as production halls, warehouses, shopping centers and logistics centers require special protection, which is why it becomes necessary to provide such facilities with qualified service for fire tanks. We service fire protection tanks, built according to our project as well as other producers. We remove failures, provide diagnostic and sealing services. We modernize existing systems in mechanical, hydraulic and electronic terms.


Leak removal

Modern water tanks are equipped with EPDM or PVC membranes. In case of their leaks we have technology to repair them.



Replacement of EPDM / PVC membranes

The EPDM / PVC membrane is an important element of any modern water tank. In the event of significant wear, it may be necessary to replace it completely.



Modernization and extension

Customer needs change, and the tanks we offer change. We offer modernization in any configuration in terms of construction, electro-automation and fittings.



Replacement of pipes and fittings

In older tanks, it is often necessary to replace the piping and fittings inside the tank. We provide professional workmanship and the highest quality materials.



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Fire tanks service

and reviews

Our range of maintenance services is largely based on our market research and the information contained therein regarding the demand for a specific service. We rely on the skills acquired during many years of work in the industry and the experience gained during the performance of hundreds of fire protection services.

Service and maintenance of fire tanks is a very complex and difficult topic that requires professionalism and technical knowledge. We provide a service of steel tanks with EPDM or PVC inserts and with SABA or SIKA . We carry out full maintenance of all types of tanks from our offer. We eliminate leaks and leaks in tanks, replace fittings, service electrical installations and automation, as well as provide services such as cleaning fire tanks. after many years of use. We also modernize and change the location of water deposits, replace insulation and EPDM and PVC membranes. We provide general repairs and many other services. The scope of our work is very wide, so please contact us in person for more detailed information.


Tanks leak


EPDM/PCV exchanges




Automation repairs


Electrical repair


Inspection and maintenance

Removal leak

Modern water tanks are equipped with EPDM or PVC membranes. In the event of leaks, it may be necessary to replace the entire membrane, and in some cases, spot repair of the damage is sufficient. Depending on the situation, the removal of the defect can be done using several technologies (including gluing, welding …). We consider each technical problem individually, and our overriding goal is always to best advise the client.

In the event of a tank leak, the manager generally has two main questions: How long will the repair take and how much will it cost. The service of fire tanks offered by us, in the simplest cases, ensures the completion of the repair process even within a few hours. However, a leaking tank does not necessarily mean damage to the membrane. The defect may also be caused by the EPDM collapse or a poorly made passage through the tank jacket, a problem with seals or specific assembly errors. Therefore, it is worth analyzing the technical condition of the tank thoroughly and determining the actual cause of the failure. This will not only remove current symptoms, but will also eliminate the risk of recurrence of the problem in the future, as well as unnecessary additional costs associated with it.

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Membrane replacements

The EPDM / PVC membrane is an important element of any modern water tank. However, if it is used up, it may need to be replaced completely. We provide membrane replacement services in existing tanks. We also install them in existing tanks of older types, as well as tanks mounted e.g. on SIKA / SABA mass. We only use the highest quality materials, because they guarantee the greatest durability, and their use is definitely the most profitable for the customer, especially in the long run.

and expansion

Our offer of modernization and expansion is intended for customers who already have a tank. Continuous changes and development of the company may result in increased demand for water. We offer the possibility of extending and modernizing the existing tank. Changes may concern construction, insulation, electro-automation, and even the color of the tank or its piping.
We have carried out hundreds of modernizations, over 25 years in the market pay off with experience!

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Piping replacements
and fittings

Our fire protection tank service also includes assistance with design changes or repairs related to the poor technical condition of the fittings, which was found during the inspection. Our offer includes replacement of fittings and piping, and prefabricated elements for these purposes are always ready in Miltom warehouse.

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