Warranty protection of structures and products offered by Miltom

Providing our customers with warranty protection for the products and structures we offer is our priority. We provide a warranty not only for our tanks and pumps, but also for service and technical inspections.

Miltom warranty

Each water storage tank we build is covered by a 5-year warranty. All offered products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Information regarding warranty packages for tanks is provided along with the as-built or sales documentation. The “tank log” and the warranty card contain all the details about a specific structure or element.

After the warranty period for the tank ends, you have the opportunity to use additional protection packages and extend the standard warranty.

By using our “Protection Package” and performing regular inspections, you can extend the standard warranty period for any period. Miltom will provide a comprehensive protection program for your installation, and therefore safety and comfort of use.

Order a warranty protection package

If you have any doubts about the technical condition of your tank or its manufacturer was unable to meet your requirements, please contact us. We will take proper care of your tank, enter its documentation into our database and cover it with a 12-month warranty. Thanks to this, we will have current access to its technical data, diagrams, installation layout, as well as a register of performed service work and inspections.

Warranty Protection Packages include tank maintenance services and provide free removal of defects occurring during their validity period.

Contact our

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If you have any doubts about the warranty conditions or would like to extend the standard warranty period, our expert will provide you with all the necessary information.

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