Technological water tanks

Technological and hot water tanks are the perfect solution for the energy industry. As one of the few in Poland, we design and manufacture ground-based heat accumulators that store thermal energy.

Technological tanks


Miltom supplies hot water storage tanks that serve as accumulators / heat buffers. These tanks are used mainly in horticulture and heating, where it is necessary from a technical and economic point of view.
The effect of using hot water tanks is lower operating costs resulting from high efficiency of the heat source. The hot water tank is an essential element of a modern heating network in greenhouses and fruit farming. Its operation increases the efficiency of heating network operation by reducing transport delay time and heat losses in the distribution process. In our tanks we can store water with a maximum temperature of up to 85 degrees C.

Hot water tanks


Thanks to a properly selected insulating layer of the foundation, roof and tank shell, the battery protects against energy loss by accumulating heat when the demand for it is lower, and giving back when its consumption increases.

The thickness of the insulation layer depends on customer requirements and tank parameters. The EPDM membrane is responsible for the tightness of our tanks, which is prefabricated by the manufacturer and dedicated to a specific size tank. The use of a membrane means that the walls do not have direct contact with water, which has a significant impact on the longer life of the tank, as a result they become an important economic factor.

zbiorniki na wodę gorącą


technological tanks

During the performance of the contract, Miltom provides the tank executive design for the building permit as well as the executive and as-built documentation of the tank developed by an authorized designer.


reduction of energy and service costs


reduction of harmful emissions


low consumption of fuel burned in boilers


the possibility of subsidies from the European Union
  • Plantation 100% 100%
  • Greenhouses 100% 100%
  • Boiler rooms 100% 100%
  • Farms 100% 100%
Zbiornik przeciwpożarowy - montaż


We offer:

  • inspections of fire tanks
  • technical inspections
  • cleaning the inside of the tank
  • replacement of insulation, membranes, tank roofs
  • repairs of heating and water level monitoring systems
  • expansion (tank enlargement)
  • location changes

Specyfikacja techniczna

Informacje konstrukcyjne


Series of types of tanks

Execution standard

  • FM Approvals
  • PN-EN
  • VdS
  • NFPA-22

Performance standards

  • PN – B – 02857:2017-04
  • PN-EN 1990:2004/AC:2010 Eurokod
  • PN-EN 1991 – 1 – 1:2004/AC:2009
  • PN-EN 1993-1-1:2006/AC:2009
  • PN-EN 1993-1-3:2008/AC:2009
  • PN-EN 1993-4-2:2009
  • PN-B-03210:1997/Az1:2002
  • PN-EN 1993-1-6:2009

Tank design

  • 1.25 mx 2.5 m galvanized steel sheets, grade S350GD + Z275 or S355.
  • The thickness of the coat depends on the size of the tank, the required standards and the standard of execution. The individual sheets are bolted with M12 bolts on the construction site.
  • The tank jacket is attached to the concrete foundation with the use of galvanized angles, grips and anchors.
  • Painting the tank. There is a possibility of powder coating the surface of the sheets or cladding the installation with trapezoidal sheet metal in the selected RAL color from the available “Pruszyński” color palette. Additional painting of the tank shell or the facade made of trapezoidal sheet metal constitutes an additional layer protecting against environmental influences from the outside, significantly extending the proper operation of the tank and its failure-free operation, as well as providing an additional visual and aesthetic effect.
  • The roof of the fire-fighting water reservoir is a stable self-supporting structure, made of special cold-bent Z250, Z300, Z350 profiles covered with T35 trapezoidal sheet or optionally – upon the Investor’s request – insulated sandwich panels. We use “Arpanel” sandwich panels with a core of rigid polyisocyanurate PIR foam, thickness D 40/80, D 60/100, D 80/120, D 100/140, as well as Arpanel PUR panels with a polyurethane core, thickness D 40/80 , D 60/100, D 80/120, D 100/140. The shape of the roof structure ensures free outflow of rain and snow from the roof surface to each side of the reservoir.
  • The tightness of the tank is ensured by the use of a prefabricated synthetic EPDM membrane with a thickness of min. 1.00 mm adjusted to the dimensions of the tank. EPDM has good properties for reversible deformation under the influence of mechanical forces, while maintaining the continuity of its structure. The material retains its flexibility in the temperature range from -40 ° C to +110 ° C, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Seal selection option. At the customer’s request, we also use a membrane made of polyvinyl chloride, the so-called PVC, min. 0.75 mm, adjusted to the dimensions of the tank. It is characterized by high mechanical strength and resistant to many solvents.
  • The membrane is separated from the tank foundation by a polypropylene geotextile with a weight of 300 g / m2, which protects it against mechanical damage during installation and operation.
  • Thermal isolation. Each of the tanks made is equipped with a 40 mm thick Styrodur thermal insulation located between the membrane and the tank shell along the entire height of the tank, fixed with screws and adhesive to the walls of the tank structure. Such a location of the insulation ensures long-term preservation of thermal properties and no degradation of the material under the influence of moisture.
  • Insulation selection option. At the request of the Investor, external insulation made of ProRox SL 960PL mineral wool with a thickness of 10 cm can be used, additionally protected from the outside with a T18 x 0.7 trapezoidal sheet, painted in any color from the RAL color palette.

Tank equipment

  • Pipes – selected for a specific tank according to types and standards.
  • Electric heaters installed in pairs on the tank walls 0.5 m below the water level – from 3kw – 18 kW ~ 400 V.
  • Inspection hatches mounted on the roof of the tank.
  • Inspection and service hatch mounted in the lower, lowest row of tank shell panels. The standard used determines the number of service hatches installed.
  • Galvanized ladder allowing access to the hatch on the roof of the tank.
  • Control cabinet responsible for the work of the heaters, controlling the level and temperature of water in the tank.
  • The materials we use ensure that the Investor is provided with the highest quality product that meets the strict requirements of norms and required standards.
  • The modularity of the structure allows for quick assembly and the possibility of any modifications so as to increase the required capacity of the tank if necessary.
  • Connections. The tanks are equipped with all necessary connections and devices required for efficient cooperation with the used combustion and electric pumps.
  • High quality of workmanship allows to obtain a long-term warranty ensuring many years of failure-free use of the tank and the certainty of failure-free operation for many years.

Warranty protection

Miltom Warranty

Each product offered to you is covered by a guarantee. Extensive warranty packages are a confirmation of our care for the correct performance and functioning of our implementations, but also our policy aimed at providing our customers with a high level of comfort and safety, associated with trust in the quality of our devices and services. We can guarantee their reliability for many years.

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