Inspections of fire protection tanks

Professional and systematic inspections of fire tanks they are a condition for their safe operation, which is why one of our priorities has been to guarantee the best possible service for our products that are in constant use. We strive to provide high comfort to our customers and satisfaction with our services. For this reason, in recent years we have focused on the development of the department dealing with the inspection of tanks and fire protection installations, as a result of which we have become the leader of this sector on the Polish market.


Fire tanks

Our experience pays off, which is why we can offer you warranty and post-warranty inspections of fire protection tanks, maintenance and care of the technical condition of our production tanks, as well as other manufacturers. Each of our products and all our services are covered by a full warranty. Our products meet the necessary requirements for fire protection: PN-EN, VdS, FM and NFPA.


Warranty reviews

Each tank built by us undergoes an annual technical review to maintain a full warranty. Depending on the category of the object, it also undergoes an extended inspection with the option of washing the interior every 3 to 5 years.


Post-warranty inspections

Even after the initial warranty period, we still take care of your tanks and ensure a consistently high standard of our services. We take care of our production tanks and other producers.


Dron-VID video inspection

We focused on development. During inspection with DRON-Vid, a service technician can diagnose the condition inside the tank in a very detailed way without draining the water from the tank.


Expertise of technical condition

If you have any doubts about the technical condition of the fire tank, please contact us. We have a lot of possibilities related to the expertise of the technical condition of the tank.


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Inspection specifications

Steel water tanks

Thanks to the constant improvement of our knowledge in the field of fire protection tanks service, we are able to deal with any technical problem. Miltom Customer Service Department offers a wide range of services such as : all types of fire tank inspections, expert opinions , repair pricing, inspections and sale of spare parts. The service technicians conducting the fire tank inspection or training are also prepared to answer all your questions.

Inspection schedule

Warranty reviews
of the manufacturer

  • Annual review – 12 months after putting into use
  • Annual inspection after 2 years of use
  • Extended inspection after 3 years of use (cleaning the inside of the tank)
  • Annual inspection after 4 years of use
  • Annual inspection after 5 years of use (DRON-VID inspection recommended)

Annual reviews

Pursuant to the recommendations of PN-EN 12485, the tank should be inspected once a year without washing the interior.


3-year inspections

According to the recommendations of PN-EN 12485 and NFPA 25 standards, every 3 years it is necessary to check the tank for signs of corrosion and to wash the interior.

5-year inspections

According to the recommendations of VdS 4001, CEA 4001 and NFPA 25 standards, every 5 years it is necessary to check the tank for signs of corrosion and to wash the interior.

10-year inspections

In extreme cases, if the tank has not undergone any inspection for 10 years, most often it will have to undergo general renovation.

Warranty reviews

Each Miltom tank is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. A very important aspect of warranty protection is the annual review of the technical condition of the fire protection tank.
Inspection of the tank allows us to assess its technical condition, and thus carry out the necessary maintenance in a timely manner. An important element is also the training of those responsible for operating the tank on site. The overarching goal of inspections is to extend the life of the tank and comfort of use. After 3 years of operation, the tank is emptied and its interior thoroughly washed. Verification of the condition of the EPDM or PVC membrane is a priority to ensure that the tank will ensure safety for a long time.

Thanks to such actions, the technical condition of the product purchased by you will be monitored on an ongoing basis, which will ensure the functioning of the system in accordance with applicable regulations, but also the certainty that if necessary the system will work reliably, even 30 years after its initial installation. Documentation of each of the tanks we built is recorded in a database. Additionally, database backups are stored on secured servers. We also carry out technical inspections of fire tanks that are not from our distribution and help in servicing and maintaining their reliability. We dedicate an individual “Tank Log” to each tank, which contains all annotations about inspections and possible repairs that have been made. This approach ensures that all activities related to tank inspections will be carried out on time.

Przeglądy zbiorników ppoż. - gwarancyjne
Przeglądy zbiorników przeciwpożarowych - pogwarancyjne

after-warranty inspections

We are aware that honest and reliable approach to performed duties related to the inspection of the fire tank ensures your safety. The experience and work system convinced us many customers who have tanks of other brands. Each tank requires inspections and maintenance, which is why we meet the needs and help customers, also carrying out technical inspections of tanks not from our distribution, and help in servicing and maintaining their reliability. We provide guarantees for our services, and customers who trust us can count on help and professional advice.

Video inspection


We know that constant development and use of new technologies is the basis for ensuring a high level of services, which is why we are constantly enriching our offer with modern devices. Expertise using DRON-VID is a great technological solution. Dron-Vid is a remote device that performs underwater tank inspection without draining the water. We offer a very wide range of applications for this device, and the offer associated with it is very attractive. After each inspection, you will receive a video and photo recording and an inspection report.


of technical condition

If you have any doubts regarding the technical condition of the fire tank, please contact us. We have a lot of possibilities related to the expertise of the technical condition of the tank. Our knowledge and over 25 years of experience will help in the selection of the best solutions and will present a very detailed report.


In connection with the recent information about the offer by some companies, inspection of the tank with a ROV type as a substitute for activities related to cleaning the inside of the tank performed during inspections, we would like to inform you that such practices are illegal and may cause irreparable damage. Regulations on the inspection of tanks after 3 and 5 years of use precisely recommend washing the inside of the tank to prevent possible breakdowns caused by contamination and sediment. Periodic inspections should not be replaced with an inspection with a ROV robot. We receive information that such services are offered along with the argument that it reduces the cost of operating the installation.

Please note that washing the inside of the tank maintains its efficiency and extends its service life, while drone inspection only provides information on its technical condition. Washing the inside of the tank at least once every 5 years is an absolute necessity, and the Drone is only a diagnostic tool and will not replace service activities or tank inspection.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide detailed information.

Video inspection

Tank inspection process
with a drone

Technical development provides innovative tools and technological solutions. Miltom has always been a company focused on development and innovative solutions, which is why we gladly welcomed the opportunity to inspect water tanks using a drone. This type of solution gives the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the technical condition of the installation, without the need to drain water from it. This saves time and also simplifies the inspection procedure.

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