Technological water tank

The technological water tank made to order at the CHP in Pruszków. The investment involved replacing the old raw water tank with a new structure with a usable capacity of 300m3.

Project description

In 2019, at the request of the Pruszków Heat and Power Plant, we carried out an investment consisting in replacing the old, already depleted technological raw water tank with a new, modern tank manufactured by Miltom. The usable capacity of the tank is V = 300m3.

At the Investor’s request, the tank was specially designed and adapted to the demanding internal conditions, the medium used and the external environment prevailing at the CHP in Pruszków.

The design uses a non-standard solution to enter the tank roof. The specificity of the project required the construction of converging stairs around the installation, ensuring convenient and comfortable access to the roof of the tank, authorized employees of the combined heat and power plant together with all the necessary accessories needed to carry out the measuring work. Meeting all quality requirements, safety standards and adapting the structure to the work environment required us to have an unconventional design approach and team involvement. The project, although difficult, brought us a lot of satisfaction, and most importantly – it fully met the investor’s expectations.


Andrzej Konieczny

Tanks Specialist

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  • Process water tank with a capacity of V300 m3