We design and build industrial and drinking water storage tanks

We have been creating innovative and modern water storage tanks for 30 years. Our products are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. We manage the facility construction process at every stage of the investment, providing the investor with the necessary support.

Miltom was founded in 1993 and is managed by
Zbigniew Łącki

We implement innovative solutions and try to be environmentally friendly, because we believe that responsibility for the environment is a feature of a modern approach to business.


30 years of activity

Over 3 million m³ of total volume of constructed tanks

Specialists in the field of design, construction and service

Professional and well-equipped service teams


Percentage of customers who stay with us after the contract

The total volume of the water storage tanks we built would allow to fill over 20 National Stadiums in Warsaw.

Krzysztof Polak
Executive Director, Miltom

We have experience and skills based on market knowledge and cooperation with clients

Thanks to the diversity of our offer, we are able to offer an optimal solution tailored to the needs of each client. Our motto is punctuality and safety, which is why we use only proven methods that meet the requirements of the latest standards and demanding standards such as FM Approvals.

We have been advising you on fire safety issues for over 30 years. We try to set new directions of development, make our services at an increasingly higher level and as comprehensive as possible. We advise, design, install and service and it remains our passion.


Products marked with the FM Approvals certificate meet some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world. We build tanks according to the standards:

Compliance with standards

The FM Approvals certificate is issued by the American insurance company FM Global. The certificate is issued only for products and services that contribute to minimizing losses related to fire hazard.


The condition for obtaining the FM Approvals certificate is control audits at production sites, confirming compliance with quality standards. Working for the largest general contractors in Poland, we are obliged to maintain high standards.

Efficiency of execution

We understand that the speed of investment implementation is extremely important for our partners. That’s why we always try to propose solutions that minimize implementation time and at the same time maintain the highest standard.

Our partners

We realize that without the experience gained through cooperation with our clients, our business path would probably look completely different.

Our story

Miltom is a company that has been operating in the fire protection industry for over three decades. During this time, many events took place that shaped us and allowed us to become a leading specialist in the design and production of fire protection water storage tanks in Poland.

Starting the Miltom business

From the beginning of our activity, our attention has been focused on the broadly understood fire protection industry. Already in 1993, we established cooperation with Armstrong, an American-British manufacturer of fire protection pumps, and just two years later – in 1995 – with a British company producing fire protection tanks, Vulcan Tanks.

Contract with SPP Pumps

In 2001, we signed a partnership agreement with the British manufacturer of fire pumps, SPP Pumps. This allowed us to expand our offer to include high-class fire pumps and pumping station sets, technical service for these devices, periodic warranty inspections and original spare parts.

Technological development

In 2005, we decided to focus on the technological development of our company and invested in modern construction methods. We replaced the old scaffolding with modern hydraulic lifts enabling quick assembly. We have also introduced new sealing methods using EPDM/PVC membranes. These changes significantly shorten the tank assembly time and have a positive impact on the profitability of the investment.

First foreign investment

In 2005, we completed our first contract outside of Poland. It was an investment in France for the company Ebly. We delivered and constructed a fire reservoir and connected it to the existing installation.

Time for a change

The rapid development of our company forced some structural and organizational changes. In 2008, Miltom was transformed into a commercial company and since then it has operated under the name Miltom Ltd.. In the same year, a decision was made to relocate the company and move to a new office. This change of location gave us the opportunity to further develop and create a qualified service and parts warehouse on site.

Start of tank production

The logical result of the company’s dynamic development was the launch of the production of fire protection tanks in 2009, designed and manufactured entirely by our specialists. Thanks to obtaining the PZH certificate, we were also able to expand our offer to include high-class drinking and technological water tanks, used in industry, agriculture and horticulture, as well as in the construction of Water Treatment Plants.

FM Global approval

In 2015, we were able to meet high security requirements and obtain our own FM Approval. The FM Approvals certificate is issued by FM Global and certifies products and services whose functioning in the fire protection industry contributes to minimizing losses. It can be obtained only by producers and contractors of fire protection installations made according to strictly defined criteria. The implementation of recommendations is constantly checked through FM Global audits.e sprawdzane poprzez audyty kontrolne FM Global.

Behind each completed project there is a team of people who enjoy their work

The combination of our knowledge, experience and skills allows us to complete even the most difficult tasks.

Zbigniew Łącki

CEO and founder


Krzysztof Polak

Executive Director


Paula Bieniek


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Fire pumps specialist

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Service and assembly specialist

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