Fire protection tank in the Distribution Center

Fire protection tank made to order by Zalando. The investment included the construction of a new fire water storage tank at the Zalando Warehouse and Distribution Center in the vicinity of Olsztynek.

Project description

The Zalando fire protection tank was designed and entirely made in 2018. Its usable capacity is V = 950m3, and the dimensions of the structure are:

  • tank diameter D = 12,400 m
  • tank height H = 8.4 m

The tank has been equipped with both connections for fire fighting fighting vehicles and extinguishing water distribution lines to the fire pump station. The installation provides fire protection. in the entire Zalando warehouse and distribution facility located near Olsztynek.

The project uses the latest technologies and strict FM Global safety standards. The tank has FM Approvals issued for Miltom. The application of such restrictive and strict solutions required a specialized construction team and high precision of execution.

At the customer’s request, the tank was painted in 2008 from the RAL color palette.

We managed to meet the investor’s expectations. a lot of satisfaction for the team.


Andrzej Konieczny

Tanks Specialist

+48 693 366 366


  • Fire tank with capacity V = 950 m3
  • Tank diameter D = 12,400 m
  • Tank height H = 8.4 m
  • FM Approvals certificate
  • Painting – color 2008 from the RAL palette