Fire protection tanks service

We provide specialized service for fire protection tanks. We offer repairs and maintenance of fire protection tanks with EPDM and PVC sealing membranes and water tanks sealed with the Sika or Saba mastic system without internal membranes.

Service and repair of water tanks will no longer be your problem


We offer services specially tailored to the servicing of fire protection tanks. Thanks to specialized tools and unique competences, we will ensure that your tank is always functional.

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Maintenance and repairs

Specificity of fire protection tanks service


Our offer of maintenance services is based largely on our market research and information from our Partners. Our service technicians rely on the skills and experience gained while performing hundreds of services on fire-fighting installations.

Service and maintenance of fire protection tanks is a field that requires professionalism and extensive technical knowledge. We service steel tanks with EPDM or PVC inserts and SABA or SIKA chemical seals.

We perform full maintenance of all types of tanks, eliminate leaks, replace fittings, service the electrical installation and automation, and also provide services such as cleaning the inside of the tank after many years of use.

We modernize and change the location of water tanks, replace insulation and EPDM and PVC membranes. We perform general renovations and many other services. The scope of work we perform is very wide, so please contact us for more detailed information.

Fire tank repair and maintenance whenever you need it


Whenever you need quick response and repair or maintenance actions, please contact us. Describe the type of fault or its symptoms to a Service Department specialist, and together we will find the best solution to the problem.

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Fire protection tank service
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With Miltom you have easy and quick access to tank service. Our qualified specialists will come to you and solve any problem with the tank. We service fire protection tanks, made according to: our design, but also tanks from other manufacturers. We perform diagnostics, repair failures, seal, clean and modernize tanks mechanically, hydraulically and electronically.

Repairs and maintenance

Our services include repairs of hydraulic, electrical and tank automation components, as well as cleaning the tank interior and other maintenance works.

Sealing tanks

Modern water tanks are equipped with EPDM/PVC membranes. If they leak, we have the technology necessary to repair them.

Replacing EPDM/PVC membranes

The EPDM/PVC membrane is a consumable element of the water tank and wears out over time. We provide membrane replacement services.

Modernization and expansion

If it is necessary to modernize or change the tank capacity, we offer design, construction and installation services – electro-automatics and fittings.

Pipes and fittings

In older tanks, it is often necessary to replace the piping and fittings inside the tank. We provide professional workmanship and materials of the highest quality.

Change of location

We provide services in moving tanks to another place. This type of operation requires a technical assessment, but it is feasible.

Tank leakage

Removing water tank leaks. The most common cause of leaks is damage to the tank membrane, but there are also other faults.

In most cases, modern water tanks are equipped with EPDM/PVC membranes. If they leak, it is often necessary to replace the entire membrane, but in some cases, spot repair of the damage is enough. Depending on the situation, we can repair the fault using several technologies (including gluing or welding). We consider each problem related to tank leaks individually and our goal is to provide the best possible advice.

When a water tank leak occurs, the facility manager usually asks two main questions:

How long will the repair take and how much will it cost?

In the simplest cases, Miltom Tank Service ensures that the repair is completed even within a few hours. However, the symptom of a leaking tank does not necessarily mean that the membrane is damaged. The fault may also be caused by, for example, folded EPDM, incorrect passage through the tank jacket, problems with seals or installation errors. Therefore, it is worth carefully analyzing the technical condition of the tank and determining the actual cause of the failure. This will not only eliminate current symptoms, but will also eliminate the risk of the problem returning in the future and the unnecessary additional costs associated with it.

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Replacing tank sealing membranes – EPDM or PVC. Sealing membranes are a consumable element of the tank.

Sealing membranes, the so-called EPDM / PVC inserts, are an important element of every modern water tank. The cartridges are a consumable element that wears out during tank operation. It is important to constantly monitor the technical condition of the membrane by inspecting the tank. If it is significantly worn, it may be necessary to completely replace it.
We provide membrane replacement services in new type tanks, but we also install them in older tanks without a membrane and in SIKA/SABA mass-mounted tanks that did not previously have such membranes. We use only the highest quality materials because they guarantee the greatest durability and their use is definitely the most profitable for the customer, especially in the long run.
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Mobile service teams

A number of professional and well-trained service teams equipped with service cars, ensuring fast and professional service for our Partners.

The best specialists

A professional team of specialists who can handle any task related to the design, construction or service of a tank or pumping station.

Adaptation of tanks to new requirements

Modernization and expansion of individual elements of the tank system and entire fire protection tanks.

 Oferta modernizacji i rozbudowy przeznaczona jest dla klientów posiadających już zbiornik. Ciągłe zmiany i rozwój przedsiębiorstwa może skutkować zwiększeniem zapotrzebowania na wodę i koniecznością rozbudowy lub modernizacji istniejącego już zbiornika. W naszej ofercie znajdziesz możliwości zmiany pojemności, konstrukcji, izolacji, elektro-automatyki, a nawet koloru zbiornika czy jego orurowania.

We can adapt your tank to new requirements

Serwis zbiornika przeciwpożarowego - ppoż.


Adaptation of structures to norms and standards such as PN-B, PN-EN, NFPA, VdS, FM Global.

Increasing capacity

Adaptation of the structure to a larger volume of stored fire water.

Technological lines

Adding new technological lines to the tank equipment.

Monitoring system

Installation of a water level and temperature monitoring system in the tank

Electro-automation system

Installation of a power and control switchboard and a water heating system in the tank

Control system

Installation of an automatic filling and refilling system for water in the tank.

Hydraulic elements

Replacement of fittings and piping

The service offer also includes assistance with design changes or repairs related to the poor technical condition of the fittings, which was found during a review or inspection. The offer includes full or partial replacement of fittings and piping. The parts and prefabricated elements necessary for this purpose are always available in stock and do not need to be specially ordered. This guarantees immediate availability of items.

Replacing fittings and valves

Replacement of tank piping

Replacement of technological pipelines

Zmiana lokalizacji zbiornika ppoż.
Relocating the tank

Changing the location where the tank is located, so-called relocation

Sometimes there is a situation in which it is necessary to move a fire protection water storage tank. to another place on the premises or even a complete change of its location. Our partners are often afraid that such a situation will require the construction of a completely new structure, which will expose their business to additional, high costs.
Miltom’s service offer includes a service specifically dedicated to entrepreneurs affected by such a situation. Relocation of the tank location solves this problem. Of course, this type of operation requires an examination of the technical condition of such a deposit, but it is absolutely feasible. We have performed many surgeries of this type and we can guarantee that everything will go according to plan and without any complications.

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