Fire pump service

We carry out professional repairs in accordance with the procedures recommended by the manufacturer, using original parts or approved substitutes for all components of the pump set.

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Engine repairs

We provide post-warranty service for engines working on pump sets. We carry out modernization, repair and replacement of diesel and electric engines.

Pumps repairs

We are the recommended SPP Pumps service. We specialize in assembly, service, first start-ups, service and general repairs of pumps of most manufacturers operating on the Polish market.

Repairs of fire controllers

We support fire automatics controllers cooperating with pump sets with diesel and electric engines. Our service performs diagnostics of these devices, replacement or repair of individual components and replacement of entire controllers.

Laser alignment

We offer a service consisting of measuring the alignment of shafts and couplings.


Michał Stępniak
Fire Pump Specialist
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Repairs and renovations

Pump sets working on fire protection installations are a key element of the system. Their reliability and correct operation depends on the proper service, which includes regular inspections and services.
We carry out professional repairs of pump sets in accordance with the procedures recommended by the manufacturers and with the use of original parts or approved substitutes for all components of the pump set, i.e. pump, motor and controller. The service of fire pumps is carried out by qualified teams and available throughout the country and abroad.



Caterpillar, Clarke, Iveco and other



SPP Pumps, Patterson, Armstrong Pumps



Metron-Eledyne, Tornatech

Engine repairs

We provide post-warranty service and repair of engines of brands such as: Caterpillar, Clarke or (working on fire protection kits) Iveco. At the client’s request, we make an expertise / technical condition assessment, and then we present a cost estimate for the repair of these engines. We carry out general repairs of engines as well as repairs of individual components. We make all necessary repairs and replace entire units with new ones.

Repairs of fire controllers

Our service supports fire automation controllers of the following companies: Tornatech Inc. or Metron – Eledyne – for diesel and electric engines. We sell, post-warranty service, assembly, calibration and maintenance of controllers. These controllers are used, among others for controlling CLARKE or IVECO fire engines. We use original parts, and the equipment is operated by qualified electricians and electronics.

Laser alignment of elements

We offer a service consisting of measuring the alignment of shafts and couplings of various types used to transfer the drive from a motor (diesel or electric) to a pump or other device. We use certified shims.
Depending on the complexity of the transmission system, we measure shaft and coupling alignment in two ways:

  • measurement and correction using a dial indicator
  • measurement and correction using an SKF certified laser device
  • we use certified shims.

Fire pump repairs

We are the recommended pump service for SPP Pumps in Poland. Our specialties are assembly and service of these devices, first start-ups, service and major repairs of SPP pumps. Repairs can be carried out both on site, at the customer’s premises and in our company workshop. We use original manufacturer parts for repairs.


Our specialists will answer all your questions. Do you want to know the details of our offer, would you like to know the scope of our repair or service work?

Warranty protection

Miltom guarantee

Each existing steel fire protection tank or fire protection installation – both built by us and other manufacturers – we can cover our warranty and service care. We accomplish this by providing customers with the opportunity to purchase the warranty protection package we offer . The basis for issuing such a guarantee to you is before we sign the contract, technical inspection of the tank or device.

Warranty for installations made

Each product offered to you is covered by a guarantee. Extensive warranty packages are a confirmation of our care for the correct performance and functioning of our implementations, but also our policy aimed at providing our customers with a high level of comfort and safety, associated with trust in the quality of our devices and services. We can guarantee their reliability for many years.

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