Fire pumping stations

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer a series of sets of automatic fire-fighting pumping stations of various capacities. The parameters of the devices are selected on the basis of the requirements received from the customer, ensuring a close match to the design needs of each set we design.

Fire-fighting pumping stations


Miltom specializes in the design, assembly and service of water pumping stations for fire-fighting purposes, including for supplying sprinkler, sprinkler, foam and hydrant installations. Our pumping stations are designed taking into account the generally applicable law, design standards, requirements of equipment manufacturers and insurers as well as optional customer expectations.

SPP fire fighting pumping stations


When designing fire pumps, it is extremely important to choose the right elements that will meet the requirements set for the set. For basic equipment of fire-fighting pumping stations installed by us belong:



  • panel housing
  • or

  • modular


  • Main
  • reserve
  • maintaining a constant pressure jockey

Internal steel wires

  • suction
  • pressure
  • test
  • feeding
  • cooling system


  • shut-off
  • regulatory
  • measurement


  • lighting
  • heating
  • gravitational and mechanical ventilation

Power supply and control cabinet

to which external electric power is connected

Miltom service crew


We are the recommended service for SPP Pumps. We specialize in:

  • assembly,
  • operate
  • first launches,
  • servicing
  • general repairs of SPP pumps.

We carry out repairs both on site - at the customer's and in our company workshop. We use original parts.


Our specialists will answer all your questions. Do you want to know the details of our offer, would you like to know the scope of our repair or service work?

Norms and standards

  • PN-EN 12845 Fixed fire-fighting equipment – Automatic sprinkler systems – Design, installation and maintenance.
  • VdS-CEA 4001 Sprinkleranlagen. Planung und Einbau.
  • NFPA 20
  • FM Data Sheets 3-2 Water Tanks For Fire Protection
  • National Certificate of Constancy of Performance No. 063-UWB-0107
  • National Certificate of Constancy of Performance No. 063-UWB-0108
  • UL certificate

FM Approvals

Approval Standard for Steel Tanks for Fire Protection


Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection


Sprinkleranlagen. Planung und Einbau


We have a positive opinion of CNBOP

Warranty protection

Miltom guarantee

Pump sets purchased in our company are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and the care of Miltom service operating throughout the country. In order to maintain the warranty, it is important to carry out inspections recommended by the manufacturer. It is possible to extend the standard warranty for a period of up to 5 years, ask your representative for details.

Package Sets

Individual configuration kit

SPP fire pump sets



Single or multiple pump package sets, horizontal end suction close and long coupled, split case long coupled, multi-stage multi-outlet and vertical turbine all electric motor or engine driven

Discharge & Performance

  • End Suction (Single Stage) – 32 mm to 150 mm. Outputs up to 500 m3 /h Heads up to 15.2 bar
  • Outputs up to 230 l/s Heads up to 60 bar
  • Split Case – 80 mm to 300 mm. Heads up to 44.5 bar (Approved fire set)
  • Multi-stage multi-outlet – 100 mm to 125 mm. Outputs up to 315 l/s. Heads up to 60 bar
  • Vertical Turbine – 200 mm to 508 mm Outputs up to 9000 m3 /h
  • Multi-stage / multi-outlet – 50 mm to 250 mm. Outputs up to 850 m3 /h. Heads up to 850 m. Up to 140 o C


  • Meeting the requirements of worldwide insurance and approvals bodies
  • End Suction – Centreline discharge back pull-out rotating element can be removed without disturbing pipe work
  • End Suction – Close coupled, space and cost saving solution
  • Axially split case rotating element can be removed without disturbing pipework
  • Rigid, box-section baseplates for end suction and split case long coupled packages
  • Stainless steel shaft with tight tolerances designed to transmit the maximum load across full pump curve
  • Bearing arrangements of ample proportion • IE2 motors fitted as standard
  • Impellers machined and hand finished to meet customer duty

Prepackaged Pump Houses

Individual configuration kits

Prepackaged Pump Houses

The container pumping station, thanks to its compact dimensions, can be delivered and used wherever there is a need. In order to embed and prepare for work, you only need to design and prepare the foundation and make water and electrical connections.



Design and supply of enclosure and installation inside of main fire pump sets, jockey pump, controllers, starters, all internal pipe work, test line, flow meter, wiring and lighting to provide a fully packaged unit.

Discharge & Performance

  • End Suction (Single Stage) – 32 mm to 150 mm
  • Outputs up to 500 m3 /h. Heads up to 15.2 bar
  • End Suction (multi-stage) – 100 mm to 125 mm
  • Outputs up to 830 m3 /h. Heads up to 60 bar
  • Split Case – 80 mm to 300 mm • Outputs up to 9000 m3 /h. Heads up to 44.5 bar
  • Vertical Turbine – 200 mm to 508 mm
  • Outputs up to 315 l/s. Heads up to 31.1 bar


  • Delivered complete, ready for immediate installation on simple foundations
  • Ease of site installation and connection
  • Single responsibility for complete pump house
  • Fully tested and pre-commissioned using advanced computerised testing facilities
  • Individually engineered to customer requirements
  • Containerised CAD design
  • Wall insulation reduces

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